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And Jesus spoke a parable, saying, “Behold a sower went forth to sow; and when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side… some fell upon stony places… some fell among thorns…. but others fell upon good ground and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold.” Luke 8:5

I got saved in a little city Church in Bellevue Nebraska in 1978 when I was 19-years-old. The following year, I took a short-term mission trip to Kenya that would change my life. It was to last one month but God so changed my heart by what I encountered that I extended it to four months. Roughing it in the “bush” country without electricity or running water taught me to depend entirely upon God. I spent my time teaching and preaching in churches and markets, digging the foundation for a hospital clinic and witnessed many souls come to Christ before returning home. In 1985 – 1989 I was to go again. This time as a full-time, independent, self-supporting missionary. There I met and teamed up with three young Kenyans, John Odhiambo, George Odhiambo and Byrum Nyongeza. Together we took the Gospel of Jesus Christ through drama, worship and preaching into more than 80 primary schools. At the end of that time, I came back to Nebraska to pioneer an Assemblies of God Church in Plattsmouth Nebraska.

30 years went by. I had lost contact with my former colleagues. Surprisingly, one day John showed up on Facebook and invited me to come back to Kenya. When I arrived, I was overwhelmed with what God had done. There was a harvest almost beyond belief. The seeds I had planted had fallen upon good ground. All three of these men had matured into Bishops, raised disciples and were caring for more than 50 churches under their leadership.”

Now, while I live and work in Nebraska as a carpenter, I regularly return to Kenya for short-term mission trips to assist in reaching the lost and starting more churches. I have three wonderful children, Grace, Stephanie and Sam and seven grandchildren.

Learn More About John Odhiambo

I met John Odhiambo in Kakamega Kenya one day as I was preaching in the town square. Unable to speak English, John approached me with hand signals indicating that he wanted to help me. I agreed and after we had put away our equipment I gave John a Bible. He so desperately wanted to speak English that he took it and ascended a mountain they call “Prayer Mountain.” It’s a prayer sanctuary where many Kenyans from all over the country go for days at a time, to seek the face of God. After many days of prayer and fasting, a miracle took place. God sent an angel to answer John’s prayer and he came down from the mountain speaking English. John was a fiery Christian and dedicated servant for all the years we worked together.

When I returned to Nebraska John continued with the ministry and after overcoming many struggles eventually founded Ambassadors Victory Century Church. Now he is a Bishop and has five churches under his leadership. Right now his church of about 200 persons meet in a metal and mud structure, but with God’s help, he has a plan to build a permanent structure. He has also begun a small school for poor children whose parents are unable to afford sending their children to public school.